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This was because of the presence of a LongLife surface

An upgrade towards third generation of Sipa’s XFORM 500 preform injection moulding system is enabling the mould cold half to remain seated out even longer between pitstops. This was because of the presence of a LongLife surface treatment plus a strong mould structure with low deformation and good precision, and also optimised cooling.


The low–migration sheet-fed ink is oil free and is particularly suitable for printing on metallised paper and various non-absorbent substrates. On top of that, energy consumption is less than 220 Watts for each kilo of PET consumed. Now the guarantee is approximately 40 per cent higher, with 11 million cycles, claims the corporation.


Novastar D 2000 IML bio ink produced by Flint Group is a fast oxidative drying series for in-mould labels that is founded on renewable raw maerials. It offers beneficial colour strength, sharpness, adhesion plus scratch resistance, fast oxidative drying and versatility under different temps.


Speaking to Plastics in Presentation, global sales director of Preform Methods & Tooling at Sipa, Stefano Baldassar, stated: “This increased mould lifespan is due to a superior HR design, new-generation stack pre-alignment system and of course the proven robustness of your clamp design. ”